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How you can donate and help OUR Church

Your offering supports the vital mission and ministries of Our Savior. As a congregation, we are committed to paying all staff and expenses, knowing that right now, our staff and volunteers are faithfully working around the clock to care for us.

There are a variety of ways we can continue to be

faithful stewards of the resources God has gifted to us all -

- Mail checks to church (505 S Main St. Thomaston, CT 06787)

- Give through PayPal

- Set up an account through Vanco, our ACH program (contact the office for assistance)

Please contact the church office with questions about how you can best support Our Savior at this time.

OTHER ways you can donate:



During worship, you're welcome to leave a check made out to "OSLC" or place cash in our collection plate!


Here's our Paypal link!

snail MAIL

Feel free to send us your donation in the form of a check in the mail!

505 South Main St

Thomaston CT 06787

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