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"Jesus Christ is the living and abiding Word of God.  By the power of the Spirit, this very Word of God, which is Jesus Christ is read in the Scriptures, proclaimed in preaching, announced in the forgiveness of sins, eaten and drunk in the Holy Communion, and encountered in the bodily presence of the Christian community.  By the power of the Spirit active in Holy Baptism, this Word washes a people to be Christ’s own Body in the world.  We have called this gift of Word and Sacrament by the name ‘the means of grace.’  The living heart of all these means is the presence of Jesus Christ through the power of the Spirit as the gift of the Father.”   

 (Principle One, from The Use of the Means of Grace 
  A Statement on the Practice of Word and Sacrament,
Adopted for Guidance and Practice, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America )
In our worship time together we strive to live out the implications of that wonderful statement.
Through the years there has always been a lot going on around this place and among this people.  From new ways of approaching Christian Education, to exciting new ways to learn and grow in stewardship, from weekly Eucharist to reaching out to the needy families in our area this congregation has moved forward in faith. We invite you to join us on this faith journey.