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Council & Committees
The responsibility for operating the “business” of the congregation between congregational meetings (we have two per year) falls to the Church Council. The twelve members of the council are elected by the congregation.  

The Church Council 2018
The current council members  

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Sue Rajock    
John Vergauwen Treasurer jvergauwen@snet.net
Carolyn Chesto    
Betsy D'Amico President elizabeth.k.damico@yale.edu

Dianne Elwood       

Secretary dae52@comcast.net
Jennie Kerney    

Marty Duda

Karl Buckley Vice President kbuckley@region15.org
Sandy Talbot   talbot@snet.net
Karen Ligi Financial Secretary kligi@comcast.net
Danielle Jette   djette13@gmail.com
Mike Mazaik    

There are many other volunteers who help the congregation to function and meet the church's mission. Any member of the Congregation who would like a copy of the Minutes of the Church Council meeting or any committee meeting should contact Eileen Finer, officeoursavior@optonline.net, or call the office at 860-283-8480.

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