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Tuesday Night Sunday School
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Every Tuesday Night at 6:00pm
We plan our own lessons.  Join the TNSS Planning Team.
Check the calendar for meeting times.
We have Sunday School on evenings  beginning witha simple meal, continuing with a lesson for all ages in the same room learning together, concluding with songs and prayers and a blessing passed from one person to the next.

Everyone, all ages, is invited to “TNSS.”  We start in mid-September, take a break around Christmas, resume in January, and  continue during Lent.
Each year, the TNSS Planning Team  gets together to brainstorm and create a theme and course content for our multi-generational “Sunday School”


For 2017 - 2018 the theme is "Don't Panic"

At the close of the Sunday School year we produce a recap video of what we did.

We also produced a recap of the first TEN years of TNSS!
Click  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHoy2h9ctfE&list=PLUTzMcdyGqQNbz0DWGv0SXNAyXlMAmnfI&index=10 
 to view

Some of our themes:
2017             Holding Our Faith Together
2016             Why Bother?

2015             Forgiven, No Strings Attached

2012 –2014   Route 66 (books of the Biblle)
2011             FaithBook (Using the popular FaceBook as a template)
2012             I’m Grounded…
2009             Then God Said….
2008             I Am
2007             Let Your Light Shine

We gather between 30 – 60 people on Tuesday evenings at 6:00 PM We produced our own CD with songs that will touch the heart and faith of all who listen.  We give away our T-shirts and CD’s so that everyone we come in contact with will have a reminder of the grace of God.

Visit our FaceBook page:       facebook.com/TuesdayNightSundaySchool

(For a 60 second clip from the TNSS CD ["We Are the Church" ] Click Here. . If you would like a FREE copy of the CD, please call the Church Office)