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Tuesday Night Sunday School
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Join us 
Every Tuesday Night at 6:00pm
We plan our own lessons.  Join the TNSS Planning Team.
Check the calendar for meeting times.
We have Sunday School on evenings  beginning witha simple meal, continuing with a lesson for all ages in the same room learning together, concluding with songs and prayers and a blessing passed from one person to the next.

Everyone, all ages, is invited to “TNSS.”  We start in mid-September, take a break around Christmas, resume in January, and  continue during Lent.
Each year, the TNSS Planning Team  gets together to brainstorm and create a theme and course content for our multi-generational “Sunday School”


For 2018- 2019 the theme is "Greater Than"

At the close of the Sunday School year we produce a recap video of what we did.
We also produced a recap of the first TEN years of TNSS!
Click  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHoy2h9ctfE&list=PLUTzMcdyGqQNbz0DWGv0SXNAyXlMAmnfI&index=10  to view

Some of our themes:

       2018             Don't Panic"

2017             Holding Our Faith Together
2016             Why Bother?

2015             Forgiven, No Strings Attached

2012 –2014   Route 66 (books of the Biblle)
2011             FaithBook (Using the popular FaceBook as a template)
2012             I’m Grounded…
2009             Then God Said….
2008             I Am
2007             Let Your Light Shine


We gather between 30 – 60 people on Tuesday evenings at 6:00 PM We produced our own CD with songs that will touch the heart and faith of all who listen.  We give away our T-shirts and CD’s so that everyone we come in contact with will have a reminder of the grace of God.

Visit our FaceBook page:       facebook.com/TuesdayNightSundaySchool

(For a 60 second clip from the TNSS CD ["We Are the Church" ] Click Here. . If you would like a FREE copy of the CD, please call the Church Office)
Annual Report 2017

Families and individuals joined together on Tuesday evenings from September through May to experience stories from the bible, spend time in community with one another, and to grow in faith as we explored the topic "Don't Panic! I am with you" in our Tuesday Night Sunday School ministry. After eating pizza, salad, and dessert together, we delved into the Holy Scriptures, we searched for Don't Panic moments, and we learned what those stories have to do with us, affirming that God is with us in our daily lives. Our evenings together began and ended in prayer, and everyone left having received a hands-on blessing. 
Respectfully submitted,

Amanda Steyer, TNSS