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Faith Formation
    Baptismal Preparation  The commitment parents make as they present their child for the sacrament of Holy Baptism is significant. The Body of Christ in this place wants to support the parents in keeping the promises they make as their child is baptized. therefore, before children are baptized, parents meet with the pastor to discuss the full scope of what takes place in the holy sacrament.
 Before adults are baptized they have the opportunity to discover the wonderful gifts God offers in this means of grace.  Adults meet with pastor before they are baptized for extended discussions of the life of faith.
 First Communion Preparation   We continually grow in our understanding of the depths of God’s grace in our lives.  When children who are growing in their faith begin asking parents and pastor when they can share in the meal of Holy Communion a series of meetings is held during which time parents and children share stories about the faith and about the meaning of the sacrament.   All participants read books, view videos, and grow in our understanding and appreciation for the sacrificial love of Jesus.  First Holy Communion is then celebrated on a date mutually agreed upon by those who have attended the sessions. 
 Affirmation of Baptism/Confirmation Ministry   As children grow in faith the time comes when they have the opportunity to learn more about what the Bible tells us, what the church has taught, what it means to be a Lutheran Christian, and what the responsibilities are for a Christian in the world today.  Usually 7th and 8th graders meet with pastor and other leaders of the congregation in order to grow in their relationship with each other, pastor, and their Savior. Ninth graders spend time with mentors in the months prior to the day when the young people Affirm their Baptism in the Rite of Confirmation.  One assignment was to find out why Confirmation is so important.  See the vidio clip 
 Bible Study  The Holy Scriptures are a wonderful series of God’s love letters to us.  At several times throughout the year we gather to explore God’s Word.  Through study, research, discussion and sharing we delve into the amazing grace that has been given to us. 
 Coffee & Conversations  ( 9:15 AM Sunday)   Almost every Sunday morning before worship we gather to get a jump on the readings from scripture that will be proclaimed at worship.  These moments of reflection give us time to search out meaning that we might not otherwise find.  This special time together gives us opportunity to talk about issues in the church and world with brothers and sisters in Christ.