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Gift Card Order Form
Last updated on February 2, 2018
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We have made arrangements with UnitedScrip to have our church members purchase Gift Cards for vendors they already deal with, with a portion of the purchase to be returned to the church. The full value of the Gift Card is available to the purchaser!

 We believe that by making a difference today we leave a legacy for tomorrow!
Since 1999, UnitedScrip has partnered with thousands of nonprofit organizations across the United States, helping them to raise millions of dollars to benefit their schools, churches, sports teams, community programs and organizations. Each impacting their community and determined to leave a legacy for tomorrow!
UnitedScrip can help OSLC turn its members’ collective purchases for everyday items into profit.  Because we have joined forces with hundreds of national retailers, OSLC can purchase gift cards at discounts ranging from 1.5% to 25%. Our members then purchase the gift cards at full face value, to use for their normal purchases.  Our Savior Lutheran keeps the discount as profit. 

If one family’s normal spending of $525 monthly can generate over $250 yearly, then ten families can generate $2500! When you consider the number of families in our congregation, what is the potential profit? Go to the web site www.unitedscrip.comfor a glimpse of what can happen when you join with UnitedScrip to “Make Every Purchase Profitable!”         

To download the PDF worksheet with a list of participating stores and vendors click on the following link: