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Prayer Chain

Prayer Chain Ministry
We have completed our 25th year of our Prayer Chain Ministry! That’s amazing! Imagine all the folks we have prayed for! This is a wonderful Ministry that we have here, and many thanks to the 22 people who participate! They are as follows: Becky Moraniec, Sylvia Brockman, Lynne Kearney, Al & Linda Howard, Gerri & Bob DeLuca, Carol Lizotte, Flora Sadik, Sue O’Donnell, Rosanna Varanko, Marty & Tami Duda, Amanda Steyer, Sandy Talbot, Sue Rajcok, Eileen Finer, John & Cyndi Vergauwen, Diane Elwood, Barb Altamirano, Bev Aubrey, and Jennie Kerney.

 In crisis situations, people need prayer support.  One of the most exciting responses to that type of need is the “Prayer Chain.”  It is composed of ministry partners who are willing to give themselves to the ministry of prayer for others when there is need.  Team members call or text one other person so that he or she may pray for the person who is in need.  This is also a way to reach out and minister to the community at large.
If you would like to be a part of this Ministry, please call the Church Office.

Submitted by Becky Moraniec, Parish Administrator