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Prayer Chain

Prayer Chain Ministry
Its been going on for 24 years.  The people of God in this place have been praying!   Almost since the inception of this congregation the Prayer Chain has been in action.  God's people have been praying for those who are in need of immediate, concrete, and specific prayers.
When a prayer need is made known to our congregation those who are part of the Prayer Chain Ministry go into action.  Calls (sometimes now even "texts") are made to let the next person on the “Chain” know what the need is.  Prayers are offered.  God's people are petitioning God with urgent pleas to be with, protect, heal, calm, and surround the person being prayed for.  Since God loves to hear His people calling to Him we know we are doing the right and proper thing.  Since God has promised to hear every one of our supplications we are doing the right thing.  And since God has promised to be with His children we are doing the right thing.
Currently we have 26 people serving as “links” on our Prayer Chain.  Thanks to each of them for their devoted service!   If you would like to be part of the “chain” please call the Church Office.