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Earth Keeping Team
Report of Earth Keeping Team             
The Earth Keeping Team gathered in April to plant zinnia seeds in small flats.  They were kept under grow lights: first close to the light bulbs, and then farther from light as they grew.  They had germinated in a couple of days with 100% success.  Several weeks later, they were transported back to the church and transplanted into peat pots.  And then back to the grow lights.  On Memorial Day week-end the team will place them in the ground around the “Our Savior” sign.  But their care must be continued carefully by watering, weeding and deadheading until the fall when the whole area is cleaned up.
All this work is done by a small but dedicated group of young people and adults.  We are most grateful for their interest and labor. 
Earth Keeping has also taken responsibility for encouraging everyone to bring non-perishable, nutritious food for the Blue Bucket.  There is always an announcement of the “food for the month” in the newsletter, and regular announcements after Sunday worship.  However, other non-perishables can be brought as well anytime.  The food is transported by faithful volunteers to the Watertown and Thomaston food pantries on an alternating basis.  The Blue Bucket is often overflowing, and hungry recipients are fed.  Thank you to all for your kind generosity.
Carolyn Brau, facilitator