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Earth Keeping Team
Report of Earth Keeping Team             
The zinnia seeds the team planted in small trays after worship on Sunday, April 2nd were placed under grow lights later that day, and began to germinate 2 days later.  They need more moisture as the potting mix into which they were planted begins to dry out.  The seedlings develop leaves and height until they are ready to be transplanted into peat pots where they continue to grow.  The team will plant them around the “Our Savior” sign in front of the church on May 21st, the Sunday before Memorial Day.  Before planting we’ll clean up the area, amend the soil, and put markers in for each plant. 
Over the years, we have become more aware how quickly the soil by the sign dries out due to intense heat and the wind created by the constant traffic.  So we need to water more frequently unless there is significant rainfall.  Weeds need pulling and spent flowers have to be deadheaded.  So we have lots to do.  We truly appreciate those who are caregivers.
We are grateful to the Women’s Group for their financial support.  They have generously done so over the entire life of our project.
Earth Keeping has also been encouraging our participation in the Blue Bucket Ministry.  There is always a nutritious, non-perishable food of the month which will be transported to the food pantries in Thomaston and Watertown. The food item is regularly noted in the newsletter and frequently announced after worship.  However, if a nutritious, non-perishable item is on sale, that is welcome also.  It is helpful to keep in mind the scripture passage from Isaiah 58:10.  “If you offer your food to the hungry and satisfy the needs of the afflicted, then your light shall rise in the darkness and your gloom be like the noonday.”  Thank you for filling and refilling the Blue Bucket to overflowing.
So if you are seeking more places to serve at Our Savior, please help to fill the Blue Bucket or offer to water those colorful zinnias!
Carolyn Brau, facilitator