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Music Ministry
Choir/Organist End of the year report for Music Ministry

Another year has quickly flown by. The choir’s dedication has been repeatedly proven each year and they are committed to singing to the glory of God, which enhances the worship service.
The choir is made up of our soprano section: Suzanne Pleasant and Heather Neidt, who were joined this year by Ashley Pleasant and Brianna Roman. The alto section is made up of Sandy Talbot.  Bev Sabia left us this year for greener pastures in Tennessee.  Amanda Steyer has become a soprano, alto, or tenor, whichever is needed at the time – she is flexible. The fabulous tenors remain: Gene Talbot, John Vergauwen, and Linda Howard. Lastly, we lost Tom Buchanan and Bob Gross in the bass section but we gained Josh Christian. He and Karl Buckley have done a wonderful job together.

Christmas Eve was enhanced by the Bella Winds. They are always a welcome addition and we look forward to having them again this year.

 As always, the choir did a phenomenal job during Holy Week and on the Vigil and Easter Sunday. This year the Palm Sunday anthem was graced by a liturgical dance by Alia Steyer.

On Easter morning, we once again welcomed trumpeter Zackary Perveck. He is a student at Litchfield High and a member of their jazz band. This will be his last year with us as he will be off to college.
It has been a great year and I look forward to next year.

Jennie Kerney